La Meridiana

International School of Ceramics in Tuscany


LA MERIDIANA – International School of Ceramics in Tuscany

La Meridiana is a non-profit institution for the advancement of the ceramic arts. It has been founded in 1981 by Pietro Elia Maddalena. Started off as a summer school, thanks to the high standard of organisation, teaching and facilities, it has become a most important ceramic school in Italy.

As La Meridiana has grown throughout the years, its goal has grown as well. One simple vision still remains, and that is to offer to our patrons a facility dedicated to a continual education in the ceramic arts and rich in Italian culture. We would simultaneously like to provide a creative stimulus to modern ceramic artists in Italy.

La Meridiana offers a unique setting for high quality learning experiences in a restored 15th century farmhouse, in the very centre of Tuscany: land of Etruscan and Roman cultures, Medieval architecture and Renaissance splendour